Quinté forecast for Saturday 23 September at the Auteuil – Prix Violon II

Quinté forecast for Saturday 23 September at the Auteuil – Prix Violon II

307 – Gallipoli – Georg Zetterholm’s apprentice was third in the Prix Rigoletto, and was looked down upon by Flanker, after his driver got up. He lost by the minimum in the Global Citizen Award on 01/09. In advanced form and performing well on the course, James Revelli’s partner should not go far. Zeittorf classification

308 – Wing – Arnaud Chailly-Chailly’s student shows consistency in the steeplechase. He overcame his handicap at Compiègne in March. He subsequently suffered two failures with a 7-pound penalty including a fall. He fully reassured himself by finishing second in the Prix Rigoletto in June. He handles this commitment with freshness and deserves wide recognition. Zeittorf classification

303 – Super Gino – Headed this winter in Pau in steeplechase, compatriot Gabriel Leanders fell on his Auteuil debut in the Prix Andréa in 06/05 when he looked like he could win. He completely reassured himself on his return with a third place finish in the Global Citizen Award. Perfect and on the rise, it looks enormous. Zeittorf classification

309 – The honored guest – This jumper, esteemed by Anne-Sophie Pacault, has never disappointed in majoring in 6 attempts including 2 successes and 1 handicap at Pau this winter. He had two good performances in the spring on the road today, finishing second in the Prix Lutteur III and fifth at Karcimont on 23/04. It has not been seen since but has been entrusted to Kevin Nabet and is a son of Network who will appreciate the heavier track. Zeittorf classification

306 – Blackfield -One of the most consistent hurdlers this season, she ended up winning the World Citizen award at the beginning of the month. She was penalized by 3 kilograms but can use her great form to assert herself and get a good place. Zeittorf classification

305 – Braggart Special -Prepared by Patrice Quinton Very appropriately, we need no introduction. He received the President’s Award for the year 2021 and placed third this year. He was then sixth in Carsimont and then sixth in the Prix des Drags. He has regained his freshness and it will be very interesting to follow him in these conditions. Zeittorf classification

313 – Rimpoche – He showed himself flawless in two outings on the track in the spring with success in the second event and a third place with 3 extra kilograms in the Prix Saint-Sauveur on 05/20. He did not deserve his recent return to school on 05/09. With its logical progression and good position at the bottom of the table, it has the potential to be a troublemaker. Zeittorf classification

301 – Great Oracle – He is the top weight in the event, but this 7-year-old gelding from Philippe Peltier is a lion on the course, 4 out of 5 including two successes. He remarkably finished second in 06/05 in the Prix Andrea (Class 1). He’s a real specialist in heavy slopes, and is worth following even if he’s less regular than in the past. Zeittorf classification

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