Guendouzi, Payet… A clash broke out at OM over the transfer window

Guendouzi, Payet… A clash broke out at OM over the transfer window

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Guendouzi, Payet… A clash broke out at OM over the transfer window

Published on 23 September 2023 at 19.00.

After the draw against Toulouse this Sunday, OM supporters let their anger explode. To ease the tension, the Marseille management summoned the fan groups this Monday to have a conversation with them. However, this exchange turned into a scoreline due to the OM transfer window.

This Sunday evening, theABOUT was kept in check by Toulouse on his lawn Velodrome (0-0). A result that angered the Marseille supporters. In fact, the Olympic crowd attacked their players after the final whistle. To calm tensions, the management ofABOUT arranged a meeting with his supporters this Monday evening in the press room of Commandery. However, this interview did not go as planned. Asked by BFM Marseille Provence, René Poutet – president of Handi Fan Club OM – told in detail how this meeting took place.

“Why did we make Payet go?”

“I was present at this meeting. It was postponed because it was supposed to take place last week. I was a bit disappointed with this meeting, I’ll explain why. Mr. Longoria took the floor to explain certain things for two or three minutes. Afterwards he said: “Now you are going to tell us what is wrong, what you feel.” (People) started shouting, shouting, as they say in Marseille, to say certain things. What was said was harsh, but perhaps valid. And I accepted all this, since I was with everyone and I did not speak. But I couldn’t bear it, because it was too loud. The first thing that was criticized was the game OM played from the start. I think I’m not the only one who has said it, but we are bored in the stadium.clarified René Poutet, before adding a layer.

“Why did we sell Guendouzi?”

“And the final straw was against Toulouse, where we really saw non-play. From there, Marcelino was criticised, and so was everyone.” Everyone thinks they are coaches, you know very well that in Marseille there are 1 million inhabitants, therefore 1 million coaches. They said “he’s a player who doesn’t put one foot in front of the other. Why did we take him, why didn’t we take another? Why did we sell Mandanda? Because he was a legend for us. Why did we make Payet go too? We applauded him as soon as he came on the pitch last year. Why did we sell Guendouzi, who had become the soul of OM? And why didn’t we re-sign Alexis Sanchez?” »concluded René Poutet, president i Handi Fan Club.

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