Mom turns pregnancy desire into six-figure business!

Mom turns pregnancy desire into six-figure business!

This is not a scoop. When you’re pregnant, food cravings and other food cravings are numerous. Of course, there is the famous craving for strawberries or chocolate, but not only that. The smell or even the mere sight of food can cause uncontrollable attraction. This insatiable desire to snack or eat in large quantities affects the expectant mother, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. The “symptom” may persist until the baby is born. In the hormonal field, estrogens in particular are involved, which explains why pregnant women are more or less attracted to or, conversely, averse to certain foods. Jasmine, a 33-year-old mother from Australia, was no exception to the rule. While pregnant with her second child, she came across a video on the social network Tik Tok of a woman of Mexican descent inventing funny lollipops. A sudden urge to eat him overcomes her. So she decides to order and visual love at first sight turns into taste at first sight. She then decides to reproduce them and sell them one by one. The beginning of an incredible success story.

Mom is fascinated by Mexican food

2020 Jasmine Piho, an Australian mother living in Sydney, is pregnant with her second child. She is already the mother of a little girl named Mere and is now waiting…

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