“Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau taught me to enter a tunnel-like role.”

“Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau taught me to enter a tunnel-like role.”

Francis Hoster acquired his taste for scenery from his maternal grandmother, “Grandma Rose”; On Thursdays she would take her grandchildren to see movies in the cinemas.

At the age of fifteen, he enrolled at the Conservatory in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, then at the Cours Florent and finally at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts, where he won three first prizes (Modern Comedy, Classic Comedy, Foreign Theater).
In 1971 he joined the Comédie Francaise, of which he became a member in 1977, then resigned in 1981.

Parallelment to these classics at the Comédie-Française, Francis Huster toured in several films and created the «Francis Huster Compagnie», with many more spectacles, dont Le Cid de Corneille at the Rond-Point Theater in 1987 et al. On tour. This company is a breeding ground for young talents, such as Clotilde Corau, Christiana Reale, Olivier Martinez…

Frances Hoster left Comedy Frances in 1981 to devote himself to the big screen. Then he got a role in What makes David run away? ? By Elie Shouraki. His decisive meeting with Claude Lellouch opened the door to a long collaboration of seven films, including If we have to bring it back (1976) or Courage in love (2005)

A popular actor, he has a variety of recordings and moves between cinema and television. Having played in numerous Nina Company productions on the small screen (Coastal ladies…) plays major roles in the police series ( Commander Nerval, the Grand Chief…) and other epics (Nile land…).
He also directed a TV movie The real culprit In 2006. In 2009 he directed the film for cinema A man and his dog Which represents the return of Jean-Paul Belmondo to cinema and brings together a group of French actors, including Hafsa Harzi, Jean Dujardin, Caroline Silhoul, Barbara Schulz…

During the 2000s, he preferred theater and directed and staged several plays as well. (The Plague, Waterloo, Caesar, Fanny, Marius…) and collaborates regularly with director Steve Soissa (Diary of Anne Frank, Chess Player, Avanti!…).

He devoted several performances to musical figures including *Putzi (*in which he meets Gustav Mahler), Horowitz “The Pianist of the Century”, or even “Toscanini with Passion”
Directed by Steve Soissa, Magic flute In 2013 for “Open Air Opera”

In November 2015, he published the book Le Passeur stefan zweig puzzle, Introduction by Eric Emmanuel Schmidt.
In March 2017, he returned to the promotional poster for Claude Lellouch’s film, Every person has his own life.
In September, he published a book entitled Never give up, never give up on anythingIn which he recounts the rape he suffered when he was twelve years old.

In 2022, he participates as a candidate in the fourth season of the series “Mask Singer” on TF1, under the guise of the Pharaoh. It was revealed during the fourth episode.


  • “Les Pigeons” with Michel Leib and Frances Hoster, showing at the Théâtre des Nouveautés from September 29

Serge and Bernard, two second-rate actors, in their sixties, accustomed to third roles, have been friends for a long time. They started out together 40 years ago, but have remained rivals nonetheless. They are both called to act in a movie at the same time, and they are both surprised and happy. While waiting for the test, they talk, reminisce, and tease each other… but when we bring them the test script, everything changes.

Room poster "the bathroom"
Poster for the play “The Pigeon”

reading :

mirabeau bridge, A poem by Guillaume Apollinaire

Under the Mirabeau Bridge the Seine flows
And our loved ones
He has to remind me of that
Joy always comes after sadness

Vienna at night The clock strikes
Days pass and I stay

Hands in hands let’s stay face to face
While under
Crossing the bridge of our arms
Eternal looks, the wave is so tired

Vienna at night The clock strikes
Days pass and I stay

Love goes away like running water
Love flies away
How slow life is
How violent hope is

Vienna at night The clock strikes
Days pass and I stay

Days pass and weeks pass
He didn’t spend any time
And love does not return
Under the Mirabeau Bridge the Seine flows

Vienna at night The clock strikes
Days pass and I stay

Guillaume Apollinaire, Alcohol, 1913

Francis Hoster and Pricelle Lafitte in September 2023 on Radio France
Francis Hoster and Pricelle Lafitte in September 2023 on Radio France

© Radio France

Music programming:

Ziquinha de Abreu : Tico Tico
Alice Ruby: Voice
DNC Frémeaux and Associates FA 5180

Mozart : The Marriage of Figaro K 492, “Vedro mentr’io” (Act III), Count’s air
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, baritone
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Carl Bohm, director
Orpheo Orpho C 394201B

Mahler : Rockert song4. “I am in love with you”
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, baritone
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Carl Bohm, director
General Directorate 000289 477 5556

Gershwin : A fascination with the color blue
Los Angeles Philharmonic
Leonard Bernstein, direction and piano
DG 002894836101/29

Verdi : La traviata“Di Madride noi siam mattadori” (Act II) Chorus of the bullfighters
NBC New York Symphony Orchestra
Arturo Toscanini, Director
Relief CR 1812

Beethoven : Symphony No. 9 In D minute of op. 125, “Allegro ma not troppo un poco maestoso”
Excerpts from the exercises
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Vienna Choir
Herbert von Karajan, director
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Rachmaninoff : Piano Concerto No. 2 In C min ref 18: 1. Moderate
Philippe Entremont, piano
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Nino Rota : father Nights of Cabiria (1957), excerpts
“No ri li ra”
“Mambo di Cabiria”
“Le notti di cabiria” (credits)
Milan 399 487-2

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