Martinique: children increasingly affected by dengue epidemic –

Martinique: children increasingly affected by dengue epidemic –

Martinique continues to face a dengue epidemic. Disease monitoring indicators continue to improve, causing an alarming increase in the number of cases among children.

15% increase in cases in one week

Virus dengue fever still actively circulates in Martinique. The epidemiological situation in the region shows no signs of improvement, as evidenced by the results of the week from September 11 to 17.

According to the site Abroad La Premierenumber of cases dengue fever The island saw an increase during this period, with 830 patients seen in primary health care facilities, up from 705 in the previous week (September 4 to 10). Health authorities note an increase of 15% in one week. It is reported that 6,500 consultations were carried out regarding dengue syndrome.

Growing concern for children

Over the past two weeks, cases have been reported that clinically indicate dengue fever registered in 18 municipalities MartiniqueThis was reported by the Regional Agency for Health and Public Health of France.

Health authorities are particularly concerned that 40 of the 67 emergency department visits recorded between Sept. 11 and Sept. 17 were pediatric cases. Those visits resulted in 19 hospitalizations in the emergency department, and eight of the patients were children, according to the Women, Mothers and Children’s Home. Cases of severe thrombocytopenia have also been reported in pediatric wards.

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