Still not using ChatGPT plugins?  Discover the true potential of AI
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Still not using ChatGPT plugins? Discover the true potential of AI

While ChatGPT is considered a powerful generative AI, limiting suggestions is not the only way to unlock its full potential. There are other ways to take full advantage of ChatGPT’s many features: plugins.

It is also worth remembering that those who have free access will not be able to access these plugins. Only ChatGPT Plus subscribers will be able to take advantage of the features offered by these plugins. In other words, GPT-4 features are only available with a $20 monthly subscription.

Top 5 Best ChatGPT Plugins You Can’t Miss

It exists hundreds of plugins which you can check if you have subscribed to ChatGPT plus. But some of them stand out for their great need among users. Notable:

The perfect tip

It is possible that ChatGPT will not be able to provide the answers you need. This may result in a much less accurate tip. In this case it will be necessary install the Perfect Prompt plugin. This way, ChatGPT will make changes to the original prompt and generate more actual responses that will meet your expectations.


This is one of the plugins most popular recently added to ChatGPT. However, Instacart will read recipes suggested by ChatGPt before creating a link to Instacart that includes all the required ingredients. Then you’ll just need to click the link and sign in to your Instacart account to easily find the items you need to make the recipe.


Sometimes we want to know what a YouTube video is about, but we get bored of opening the platform. This is where the Insights plugin for ChatGPT, similar to Glarity, comes into play. His role is describe and summarize the content of the videowhile providing relevant statistics (number of likes, comments, views, etc.).


Kayak works similar to Instacart, except instead of listing recipe ingredients plan your next trip. By activating the plugin, you can get all the necessary information. In particular, a hotel that adapts to your requirements, departure and arrival dates of available flights, hotel offers, etc.


Coming in at number five in our top 5 ChatGPT plugins you can’t miss is Speak, which pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.language learning using OpenIA chatbot. Its purpose is to translate words and expressions while providing translation of similar expressions in other contexts.

There are over 750 plugins available for download.

FYI, ChatGPT plugins work similar to browser extensions. Therefore, they were not created by Elon Musk’s OpenAI. However you can download and install them to benefit from their many features.

However, plugins can be activated using the “Plugins (beta) on GPT-4″ option. As for the choice, you will have to go through ” Plugin Store “. In this tab, you will have a list of over 750 plugins that you can filter by their popularity.

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