Biden pulls ahead, Trump lags behind

Biden pulls ahead, Trump lags behind

While the results are still pending across the Atlantic, Joe Biden has overtaken Donald Trump in Georgia, where he now leads by more than 7,000 votes, and in Pennsylvania by nearly 29,000 votes.

The results of the US election are still not final this Saturday, November 7, 2020. As the night draws to a close in the United States, the results are still partial in six states. Joe Biden leads in four of them, including the states of Georgia and Pennsylvania, where the outcome of this presidential election is currently being decided. The gap with Donald Trump has further widened in the last 24 hours.

Joe Biden is confident of his victory

Late Friday night, the Democratic nominee gave a new progress report in a televised address. Addressing the Americans, he assured that “the numbers are clear” and that his side “will win”. “I will win the elections with a clear majority. (…) We are above Trump by 4 million votes, which is a difference that is still increasing,” he said.

Trump partially won his case in Pennsylvania

As the outgoing president screams fraud without yet providing evidence, conservative Justice Samuel Alito ordered Friday night that the mailed ballots be processed separately in Pennsylvania. Even if the magistrate judge did not stop their count, the decision was partially in response to an appeal by the Republican candidate’s team in this state.

Let us remind you that 270 electors are needed to elect the president of the United States. Find out the results of this US election using the chart and map below.

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