Tebboune, bursts of failure!

Tebboune, bursts of failure!

What is the name of Algerian president Abdelmajid Tebboune today? Diplomatic failures in bursts, increasingly pronounced international isolation, a country moving ever closer to the status of a “rogue state” that very few envy, such as, to varying degrees, North Korea or Iran. Tebboune’s Algeria inspires more revulsion than desire, distrust than respect.

And with good reason! Since this so-called “new” Algeria, after Bouteflika, decided to cut all ties with its Moroccan neighbor, it seems that some kind of political curse has hit all its political choices. Every area affected, internally and internationally, by President Tebboune has been gripped by some kind of paralyzing bad luck, crowned with spectacular failure.

Several strong points shed light on this determination to fail. In the diplomatic memory of the region, Tebboune inaugurated this series of hiccups by holding an Arab summit in Algiers that was quickly forgotten because of the very low level of Arab participation and that no one remembered today, apart from President Tebboune’s humorous harangue to the audience: “Tonight is dinner at the Sheraton”.

Then followed a massive campaign by the Algerian regime to explain its view of the country’s inevitable accession to the political-economic group BRICS, presented as a major Algerian diplomatic victory to come. Huge resources have been mobilized to achieve this goal. President Tebboune focused his two diplomatic trips to Russia and China to try to negotiate the two countries’ support for Algeria’s membership application. The result is known. Spectacular disavowal. The Algerian regime has neither the authority nor the economic fabric nor the power to claim to join this group.

Another political cliché that emphasizes this Algerian loneliness is embodied by Tebboune’s visit to New York to participate in the work of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

His wretched political speech, laced with fake news, delivered in front of an empty room, gave today’s Algeria a disgusting image. This impression is greatly emphasized by the repeated refusal of US President Joe Biden to meet with President Tebboune, even for a photo.

Even worse, the occupant of the White House voluntarily excluded Tebboune from a reception he hosted in honor of the presidents of the delegations participating in this general assembly. The reception was held in the legendary New York cultural space, MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art). In New York, Tebboune tasted the status of head of state of the plague, undesirable because it carries negative vibrations and destructive projects.

The latest glaring failure is the last-minute withdrawal of Algeria’s bid to host the two African Cup of Nations in 2025 and 2027. After building up its desire to host this prestigious African football competition, the regime is throwing in the towel, causing fear and bitterness among Algerian public opinion.

Algeria’s disappointment is all the more acute and painful that the 2025 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations has been awarded to Morocco. Decision makers at the ComEx level felt that it had better infrastructure and greater credibility and capacity to organize such a sporting event.

Today, the Tebboune era embodies not only repeated diplomatic failures, but also crises and tensions with many countries. In addition to the hermetic closure with Morocco, the Algerian regime maintains a fueled crisis with Spain, a cold tension with France to the extent that the two countries are unable to organize a visit by President Tebboune to Paris, and undoubtedly influenced by Iranian tropism, the Algerian regime is on the verge of breaking with important Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates.

And it is with this disastrous diplomatic record and this terrible image, together with an internal economic failure that forces the citizens of a country as rich as Algeria to suffer from the scarcity of basic foodstuffs, that President Tebboune is running for a second term with elections scheduled for next year. Today it is clear that for Algerians the choice of Tebboune for a second term, despite these repeated failures, is more masochistic than rational.

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