Samuel Eto’o denies allegations of match-fixing

Samuel Eto’o denies allegations of match-fixing

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The former glory of FC Barcelona and Inter Milan is at the center of a new controversy. And especially. In fact, the president of Fecafoot is the subject of a mysterious investigation by the Cameroonian police who suspect him of rigging several 2nd division matches, to promote Victoria United in the elite in particular. Information disclosed by Guardian who explain that the investigation will also look at wider allegations of corruption in the Cameroon Football Association during Eto’o’s tenure, which could involve up to 40 people. Faced with these serious accusations, the clan of the old Catalan legend wanted to respond to the so-called “slanderous” rumours.

“Like any bold change policy, it also arouses resistance from individuals who are ready to do anything to avoid losing their income from corruption. For months these people have chosen to orchestrate a campaign of malicious attacks against Mr. Eto’o. Recently, this campaign of harassment took the form of an open letter addressed to the presidents of FIFA and CAF, the defamatory content of which was widely reported by the media. Beyond the insulting and irrelevant comparisons they make there, the signatories of this letter did not hesitate to resort to purely fanciful accusations against Mr. Eto’o with the aim of pressuring him to resign. Instrumentalizing certain facts, inventing others, these individuals are trying in vain to smear Mr. Eto’o in the stated hope of seeing him leave a position he was democratically elected to on December 11, 2021. Mr. Eto’o will do not allow yourself. not be tainted by these attacks which aim to replace the clear and free choice of ballot boxes. He was reinforced by an open letter to the President of Fifa in response to the slanderers, signed by the real players of Cameroonian football. To date, Mr. Eto’o has never been summoned or notified of the existence of any legal action against him. In any case, if any investigation were to be opened, Mr. Eto’o would be meant to pose as a victim and not a defendant. With the determination that has always resided in him, on the pitch as well as in his actions at the helm of Fécafoot, Mr. Eto’o intends to continue the fight for footballers and field players in Cameroonian and African football.we can read via a press release that we received.

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