“The only solution would be a replay”, Klopp wants to replay the match after the VAR controversy

“The only solution would be a replay”, Klopp wants to replay the match after the VAR controversy

Beaten by Tottenham in a shock blunder, Jürgen Klopp suggested on Wednesday that Liverpool should replay this game against Spurs. The German coach lamented the handling of this incident by VAR and officials.

As a candidate for the Premier League title, Liverpool lost precious points with the defeat against Tottenham (2-1) during the shock on the seventh day of the season. Reduced to ten at the start of the game, the Reds still managed to score a valid goal, but were unfairly denied after a huge VAR fiasco. Following the publication of the exchanges between the referees at the time of Luis Diaz’s goal, Jürgen Klopp estimated this Wednesday that the best solution would be to replay the game.

“I’m not mad at either of them at all. We shouldn’t take it out on them. They made a mistake and I’m sure they felt terrible that night,” he said. “German coach on the eve of Union hosting Saint-Gilloise in the Europa League. That’s enough for me and we should discuss it without emotion.”

Unheard of for Klopp

Refereeing errors have been a part of football, even since the introduction of video. But such a misunderstanding in a decisive match in the battle for the title and the podium seems completely crazy to Jürgen Klopp.

“I’m 56 years old, I’ve been in football for a long time. I don’t always do it well, but I’m used to bad decisions, the Reds coach said at a press conference. But something like that, I can as well As far as I can remember , this never happened.” And the fiery German continued: “That’s why I think a replay would be the right thing to do.”

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Tottenham could have let Liverpool score

Aware of the difficulty of winning the case in this case, and while he awaits a possible formal request from Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp can only lament the situation. In addition to the replay, the coach put forward another possible solution during the match: that the referees ask Tottenham to let the Reds score.

“I think a replay is the most sensible thing to do, insisted the former Dortmund man. Or the referee brings the two managers together at the time and we try to solve the problem. By saying example of letting Liverpool score a goal. ” Before we conclude: “The problem is that we conceded a goal two minutes later.”

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