“We cough, our noses and eyes itch”: in Champignelles residents live overlooking the A31

“We cough, our noses and eyes itch”: in Champignelles residents live overlooking the A31

The noise of passing cars never stops at the top of Rue Voltaire in Champigneulle, overlooking the more than 80,000 cars which pass just below, along the A31 highway, every day. Significant source of noise pollution as well as air pollution. While the latter is precisely the topic of conferences and debates this Thursday in the Prouvé center in Nancy, led by 40 experts invited by Atmo Grand Est, an air quality organization.

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Living with pollution

If 40,000 people die every year In France, due to overexposure to fine particles, many people experience minor symptoms every day. “We cough, our noses and eyes itch,” admits Luke, who nevertheless wants to put the situation into perspective. “But we have nothing to complain about, we have greens“, he adds.

Indeed, it is in the park that Noemi, a regular in the area, finds refuge. “When you walk around and see billboards showing air quality, it is never green. But what to do? On my scale I don’t know“, she explains. “What worries me is people leaving their engines running or driving their kids to school.“, laments Joël, who is 200 meters from the A31 bridge, where several roads can be attempted. reduce daily pollution.

Health implications

For all of these residents, it is important to remain vigilant as air pollution has real, detrimental health effects. “This increases the risk of developing chronic bronchitis, which we call COPD, which is an irreversible disease.“, explains Laurent Caffet, Head of Environmental Health at ARS Grand Est. And These are not the only dangers. “There is also allergies, where we are seeing more and more problems, and here again air pollution is an aggravating factor.“, he adds.

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