Generous Japanese Donations to Victims – Morocco Today

Generous Japanese Donations to Victims – Morocco Today

A commendable initiative by the Empire of the Rising Sun. Japan has just announced donations for areas affected by the Al Haouz earthquake. In this regard, the Japan-Morocco Association announces: “Since the deadly Al Haouz earthquake, we have witnessed in Japan the manifestation of great solidarity with Morocco. The Japanese government decided on September 15 to provide emergency humanitarian aid totaling US$3 million. And both civil society and the business community in Japan are developing various initiatives.

On its own, the Japan-Morocco Association, a private association whose purpose is to promote ties of friendship between the two countries, and which on September 10 had “made an initial donation of 300,000 yen,” launched a fundraising campaign to contribute to the national rehabilitation, reconstruction and recovery efforts deployed in the Kingdom under the high care of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. Thus, according to the same source, an amount of 7,178,204 (seven million one hundred and seventy-eight thousand two hundred and four) yen, a sign of the solidarity and friendship of Japanese civil society, could be collected thanks to the generosity of 120 donors (individuals, companies and various organizations). And that’s not all! The president of the association, Haruko Hirose (former Ambassador of Japan to Morocco), presented a check for this amount to the Ambassador of Morocco to Japan, His Excellency Rachad Bouhlal, on October 6.

“The Japan-Morocco Association, which has always worked to develop our bilateral relations since its founding in 1991, is pleased to participate in this great national effort and will continue to stand by the Moroccan nation,” the same source concluded.

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