Gaza: Morocco expresses deep concern after outbreak of military action

Gaza: Morocco expresses deep concern after outbreak of military action

Israel (Credit: AFP)

Morocco expresses deep concern over the worsening situation and the outbreak of military actions in the Gaza Strip and condemns attacks on civilians wherever they are, according to a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad on Saturday.

The Kingdom, which has constantly warned of the consequences of the political blockade on peace in the region and the risks of the consequences of the escalation of tensions, calls for an immediate end to all acts of violence and a return to calm, while avoiding all forms of escalation that could undermine the chances of peace in the region, he adds same source.

Morocco, whose sovereign, King Mohammed VI, chairs the Al-Quds Committee, emphasizes that dialogue and negotiations remain the only way to achieve a global and permanent solution to the Palestinian issue, based on resolutions on international legality and the principle of two states, as agreed at the international level. , the announcement concludes.

Recall that Israel and the Gaza Strip were at war again on Saturday after the launch of a surprise military offensive by Hamas, which fired thousands of rockets, infiltrated fighters into Israeli territory and said it captured Israelis.

At the beginning of the afternoon, the number of dead on both sides exceeded several dozen, and the number of injured exceeded hundreds.

Residents of Israeli towns and cities around the Gaza Strip spent the morning to the rhythm of anti-aircraft warning sirens that sounded as far as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, where numerous explosions of rocket interception by anti-aircraft defenses were heard.

At least forty people were killed on the Israeli side, according to Magen David Adom, Israel’s equivalent of the Red Cross, which launched an appeal for blood donations, and the Health Ministry reported 779 injured who were hospitalized, AFP reports.

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