Google is changing (for the better) its Pixel update policy
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Google is changing (for the better) its Pixel update policy

More premium, more powerful and even more photo-friendly, the Pixel 7 is a real success and continues the good momentum Google started last year. Like its predecessor, the Pixel 7 Pro, it puts all its competitors to shame in terms of price-quality ratio and even manages to match or displace more expensive smartphones.

The only serious drawback is the charging speed is too slow. The rest is only minor and logical. It gets a little warm, doesn’t have the best performance in high-powered 3D games, and battery life isn’t the best in its class. Once we are warned about all this, the Pixel 7 will not present any unpleasant surprises.

Ultimately, the hardest part is not knowing if it’s the best for the price: it is. The real problem is knowing who to choose between it and the Pixel 6 Pro, which is now available at almost the same price, that is, 799 euros. The answer is in the format. If you only prefer fairly compact smartphones, the Pixel 7 remains the best investment. It will be more powerful, more durable, prettier, and a little better to photograph. If you love big-screen entertainment and a telephoto lens is a must-have, then check out the 6 Pro. In any case, there will be no bad choice.

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