The countdown has begun: NASA teases discovery of asteroid samples
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The countdown has begun: NASA teases discovery of asteroid samples

Mission commands OSIRIS-REx will soon reveal the contents of the box in which the asteroid samples were collected. This is a big event for a mission that lasted seven years.

NASA isn’t kidding around with the countdown: this time the event begins four days before D-Day. The first asteroid sample collected in space by a US spacecraft and returned to Earth will be presented to the world at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston on Wednesday, October 11. » We can read on the YouTube video, which is already on the official NASA channel.

This is a critical milestone for the OSIRIS-Rex mission, which aims to bring samples of an asteroid (called Bennu) back to Earth. On September 24, the capsule with them managed to crash, as planned, in the Utah desert without receiving damage.

The mission has since moved into the observation and analysis phase; we could even see black dust erupting from the samples in some of the first photographs released by NASA. Between September 25 and October 11, it will be just over two weeks before researchers and scientists can offer “preliminary analysis” of the samples.

So far, only the Japanese space agency Jaxa has managed to deliver parts of an asteroid to Earth from space.

How to monitor the discovery of asteroid samples by the OSIRIS-Rex mission?

  • Or ? Everything will happen on NASA’s YouTube channel
  • When ? October 11 at 17:00 (French time)

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