“The promise of a place open to all”: Fontenay-sous-Bois celebrates the opening of its theater

“The promise of a place open to all”: Fontenay-sous-Bois celebrates the opening of its theater

“My 26-year-old son has already booked his ticket for the entire season!” This mother from Fontenay-sous-Bois was as excited as her son by participating, Saturday, on the first day of the opening of the Jean-François Voguet Theater, which continues until Sunday evening. In the midst of a dense crowd, we had to Having to scramble to get to the equipment and attend the opening show.

Because this theater was eagerly awaited among the population. This is “the culmination of more than thirty years of work within the municipality”, sums up the city’s mayor Jean-Philippe Gauter (Nobis), who led the realization of this desire initiated by his predecessors Louis Bayort and, above all, Jean-François Voguet. “We are committed to the democratization of culture. All cultures,” he insisted during the inauguration.

“I had to go to Paris to see theatre.”

In the crowded square, Zaza and her Fontenay friends smile as they observe the gray facade designed by the famous architect Jean-Michel Wilmot. Windows that were destroyed during the urban riots were only repaired a few days ago. “I have followed Jean-François Voguet’s theater project from its beginnings,” says Zaza. I care about culture. We have to succeed in bringing more people: young and old, especially us people from ZUP. The mayor promised us a place open to everyone. We will trust him. »

“I am a fan of theatre. But the Jacques Brel room at Fontenay-sous-Bois is not designed for this purpose. The acoustics are not very good there. So,” Fadela, another Fontenay resident, was moved as she sat on one of the chairs in the main room, which was sold out for the opening show. I had to go to Paris to see plays, at the Theater of La Porte Saint-Martin, for example.” She would like to “thank the municipality” for this new equipment: “Culture should be accessible to everyone. “The city is doing everything so that there is no indifference or differences.”

Fontenay-sous-Bois, October 7. The equipment bears the name of the former mayor who implemented the project for years.

The theater director has set the program exactly in this direction, which is to open up to as many people as possible. “The building is actually located equidistant from the city’s very different neighbourhoods, the famous La Redoute, the city centre, the pavilions…” describes Arthur Lassen. He set several goals for himself. Starting “as a continuation of the usual attendance at cultural events in Fontenay, which has an attendance rate of 80/85%. » So, its goal is to “diversify audiences.”

Special attention will be given to young people. “There are a lot of teenagers in Fontenay-sous-Bois. Identity, function, choice… these are all topics that we will share with them,” reveals Arthur Lassen. A teen band will be created throughout the year and a dedicated festival called “Les Adoré-es” will be held in June here, In the schools, in the city, in Jacques Brel…

Racine suburban version

His favorites to come in season one? “The piece Andromache (Editor’s note: May 22), a creation directed by Cyril Cutinoux, which will be presented by young people from working-class neighbourhoods. The text written by Jean Racine will not change. But the actors will carry that through their own identity, accent, and phrasing… and won’t be wearing period clothing, for example. »

He also highly recommends going to see “The Land Between Worlds” on May 4, which is “a very sensitive play, about a sorority, the environment, globalization, etc. »

Fontenay-sous-Bois, October 7. The 362 seats were taken for the opening show.

Emphasis will also be placed on creation. Residency invitations will go out this fall to begin in January. Four residencies are already planned with a conductor who will open a master class for conservatory students, a theater company, and the Fontenaysian collective Voix, an outing that mixes stories in French and Arabic… Calls will then be released for proposed spectacle and sports projects from January in order to produce creations An art that combines these two practices.

Continuation of the opening on Sunday, October 8 from 3 pm: www.culture.fontenay.fr. Théâtre Jean-François Voguet, 18, Allie Maxime Gorky, Fontenay-sous-Bois. This is amazing. : or

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