what if there were actually two different consoles?
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what if there were actually two different consoles?

The new rumor mentions the Nintendo Switch 2, indicating the exact release date, code name, price and even information about… two of its variations.

As the Switch ages, there’s no doubt that Nintendo is thinking about replacing it. For many months now, rumors about the Nintendo Switch 2 have been multiplying. It should retain the same format, naturally it should be more powerful, without Joy-Con Drift, with ray tracing and DLSS, and all this for the second half of 2024.

Therefore, the announcement is inexorably approaching, and a new rumor about this Switch 2 is shocking fans.

Code name: NG

WccfTech Discord member SoldierDelta claims to know some confidential information about the Nintendo Switch 2. According to him, the console’s internal codename will be ” N.G. “, an abbreviation corresponding to the abbreviation Switch (“Nintendo NX“). The commercial name is not yet known exactly (and will probably become known no earlier than in a few months).

As for the release date, SoldierDelta indicates that Nintendo will be targeting September 24, 2024. However, the Japanese brand remains open to the possibility of launching its new console in November. To set the stage, Nintendo has planned a major marketing campaign from June to August 2024, which incidentally provides insight into a potential announcement date for the game that faces the difficult task of becoming a successor to the Switch.

Two models?

However, the most surprising information put forward by SoldierDelta is that Nintendo is preparing two models of the Switch 2. One is planned for $499 and the other for $400.digital only“. By this we should understand that Switch 2 can follow in the footsteps of the PlayStation 5 and its…Digital edition“or at Microsoft with Xbox Series S.

All of this information is credible, but should be taken with a grain of salt, especially since even if it were proven today, changes in plans could still occur. Note also that SoldierDelta is not something completely unknown. He was already the first to reveal information and images about the game.Rise of the Roninfrom Team Ninja studio.

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