Here are the countries with the highest death rates

Here are the countries with the highest death rates

They are not in the best condition there. Death rates from cancer, stroke, heart, lung, liver and kidney disease are reaching new heights… in Turkey, according to a study reported by The Sun. Specifically, the overall mortality rate in the country was 8.34 out of 10, with 138.22 cancer deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. Mortality rates from stroke (49.06) and lung diseases (28.02) were also high there.

In this catastrophic ranking, Hungary ranks second with a mortality rate of 8.29. The landlocked Central European country has the highest death rates from cancer and lung disease in the index, with 162.44 and 30.26 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants respectively. And with an indicator of 7.57 and 157.25 deaths from cancer, Slovakia takes bronze.

Mexico (7.39) and Poland (7.25) round out the top five, followed by Latvia (7.21), Czech Republic (7.21), Lithuania (6.76), USA (6.62) and Greece ( 5.90). As for Switzerland, it received the lowest overall score of 2.03, followed by Israel (2.70), Spain (2.75), France (2.79), Iceland (3.06) and Norway (3). ,06).

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Study covering 38 countries

The analysis, carried out by life insurance experts William Russell, is based on WHO data from 38 countries, mostly high-income countries. To create this ranking, researchers looked at mortality rates from six common non-communicable diseases: cancer, stroke, heart disease, lung disease, liver disease and kidney disease.

“Non-communicable diseases kill about 41 million people a year worldwide, and more than 15 million of these deaths affect people under the age of 70, with cardiovascular disease and cancer the main culprits.”” said a spokesman for William Russell, recalling that access to health care can vary significantly from place to place.

Unsurprisingly, the best way to reverse this trend in these countries remains prevention. “Some diseases can be avoided if you take the right steps to improve your health.”, he added. To achieve this, we cannot stress enough that it is important to eat a balanced diet, exercise, quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, keep your blood pressure under control, protect yourself from the sun and have regular checkups.

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