The UN coordinator ordered him to leave the country

The UN coordinator ordered him to leave the country

The regime that emerged from the coup d’état in Niger issued this 72-hour ultimatum to UN Coordinator Louise Aubin via a press release.

The military in power condemns the “obstructions” placed against them by the UN, in this case its Secretary General Antonio Guterres, “with the aim of thwarting the full participation of Niger” at the 78th General Assembly of the organization which was held in September in New York.

Before demanding the departure of the UN coordinator in Niger, the military regime in Niamey had already leveled this rebuke to the Secretary-General and condemned Antonio Guterres’ refusal to “take note” of Niger’s official list of delegates. Foreign Minister Bakary Yaou Sangaré, who was the country’s representative in the UN before the July 26 coup, was unable to speak at the General Assembly.

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Before Louise Aubin, the military in power also demanded and received the departure of the French ambassador to Niamey, Sylvain Itté. The latter left Niamey after more than three weeks of clashes between Paris and the soldiers who ousted President Mohamed Bazoum in late July. France has also begun withdrawing its approximately 1,400 troops from Niger at the request of the military regime.


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