Revelations around Windows 12: goodbye subscription rumors!
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Revelations around Windows 12: goodbye subscription rumors!

The idea of ​​subscribing to a version of Windows 12 is not popular. On some forums, discussions on this topic are getting heated. What exactly do we know about Windows 12? Should we be worried about Microsoft’s future business approaches?

On the Hacker News forum, users are sharing their frustration over recent rumors suggesting a model for ending support for the next version of Windows, Windows 12. While some are expressing concern, others are outraged. The idea of ​​building Windows 12 around a monthly subscription model came up recently following the publication of code snippets found in Windows 11 23H2 preview versions. You can re-read our news on this topic: Is Microsoft planning to offer Windows as a subscription?

Windows 12 and subscription

This is just speculation at this point, and Microsoft has never confirmed this approach. To our knowledge, there is no public document from the firm disclosing such a project. Moreover, new analysis of this code shows that it is a link to a Windows 11 IoT Enterprise subscription.

Apparently there was initial confusion between Windows 11 IoT Enterprise subscription and Windows 12. The code snippets containing the term “subscription” are related to the new version of Windows 11 IoT Enterprise and have no connection to Windows 12 or a future version. operating system.

While it’s possible that a “public” version of Windows 365 will see the light of day, it’s unlikely that Windows 12 will come as a paid monthly subscription.

For now, Windows 11 is trying to convince that Windows 10 remains a big star around the world, and Redmond has yet to confirm the existence of Windows 12.

Windows 12, only fragmentary information

The OS is known only from fragmentary information and various rumors. Its launch is expected in 2024. It is said to offer further integration of artificial intelligence and cloud services. This will be an opportunity to offer a “lite” version that could slow down the success of Google Chrome. This is a big problem and a big challenge because Microsoft has never been successful until now. The last attempt was Windows 10X, which ultimately did not even see the light of day.

There was talk around about intensive development CorePC aims to make the operating system modular.

However, this file will soon become official as an important deadline approaches. Support Windows 10 ends in 2025. Now Microsoft must convince hundreds of millions of older PC users who don’t have permission to install Windows 11 to ditch their hardware in favor of new computers. It won’t be easy…

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