What you should remember from Casemiro’s PLP film |  Manchester United

What you should remember from Casemiro’s PLP film | Manchester United


At the age of six, Casemiro joined Moreira’s Sport football school, founded by Nilton Moreira, a former footballer, in his native Brazil. Moreira was instrumental in Casemiro’s development as a young player, seeing the potential in our midfielder from the start.

“When I stopped playing soccer, I opened a soccer school, Moreira’s Sport,” Nilton said. “His mother found out about the school because it was in a neighborhood near where she lived. I met him when he was six or seven, when his mother took him to the football school. From the first days we saw that he had great potential. He was a disciplined kid, who had a great desire to win.”

Although he had to fight for money and football equipment, Casemiro praised Moreira for making him feel comfortable at school.

Casemiro said: “He welcomed me straight away: “He welcomed me straight away. I didn’t have money to go to training or buy shoes and clothes. And he was the first person who really welcomed me as a father figure.”

Casemiro’s mother, Magda de Faria Casimiro, praised Moreira’s huge impact on her son.

“He spent a lot of time with Moreira, who was like a father to him,” Casemiro’s mother said. “Moreira was very important to him, he followed him in his studies and in other areas. I think Moreira had a great influence on my son.”

Several years later, Moreira helped Casemiro try his hand at Brazilian football club Sao Paulo, where Casemiro signed his first professional football contract.

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