After the success of “ 2,” the Fifi gang returns with “3 Jours Max” by Tarek Boudali

After the success of “ 2,” the Fifi gang returns with “3 Jours Max” by Tarek Boudali

Tarek Boudali will release the second part of the film this Wednesday 30 days maximuman action comedy whose success was interrupted by the pandemic in 2020. A film in which he himself performs stunts in the style of Tom Cruise.

After the 2 Directed by Philippe Lachaux in February (over 4.2 million admissions), it arrives in theaters Wednesday 3 days maximumIt is a new action comedy film directed by his friend Tariq Boudali.

October 2020 Part One, 30 days maximuma spoof of action thrillers, was a huge hit (1.3 million admissions) before falling victim to the closure of cinemas due to the Covid pandemic.

Tarek Boudali recalls: “The film was only in theaters for two weeks and had over a million views. This is crazy! I thank the audience. They saved the film. I also felt like there was madness, and I really enjoyed making it. I launched a sequel.”

The actor-director once again dresses as Ryan, the clumsy police officer who becomes an unwilling hero in the first film. When his grandmother (Marie-Anne Chazelle) is kidnapped by a Mexican cartel, he has only three days to rescue her. With the support of his colleagues, he will go on exciting adventures between Paris, Abu Dhabi and Cancun.

Maximum fuse

Tarek Boudali worked for three years on this new film, including a year and a half on the script. “I wrote alone,” he explains. “Then, once I had a good copy of the script, I asked my friends to read it. They gave me their feedback – whether I accepted it or not.”

“There must be dozens of versions of the script,” he adds. “There, the writing was fairly smooth. I repeated passes to add gags or references.” Many of them disappeared during test screenings, an essential step before a theatrical release to see audience reactions and remove unnecessary ones.

“You have to have as many jokes as possible to keep you in suspense and make people laugh for an hour and a half. That’s why you have to write as many gags as possible, because during editing a lot of things will disappear.” Tariq Boudali. Referring to Eq with Denzel Washington was cut during editing.

Fortunately, a sequence showing the meeting between Philippe Lachaux and Franck Gastambide, the two kings of French school comedy, has been preserved. “With Frank, we know each other. We like each other very much. It just happened very simple and friendly.”

“When I thought of this parody sequence of fast and angryI thought to myself it would be so cool to see Frank, because he’s Vin Diesel’s French duo! He agreed immediately,” said the director excitedly.

The return of Elodie Fontaine

3 days maximum Faithful to the cocktail that made the band successful: gags galore, references to pop culture and “dirty shots”, those little jokes they make on Instagram or in their movies that have become their trademark. “It doesn’t have to be a private joke,” says Tarek Boudali.

“There is no magic recipe for success, but I think there is this sincerity between us and the audience,” he added. “People feel it. The fact that we’re really friends on set brings a different energy to the screen.” After being absent from her first two films, Elodie Fontaine joined them 3 days maximum.

“She was pregnant at the time 30 days maximum. It was complicated for her to film. But this time, she is there,” said Farah Tarek Boudali, who gave her a role that mimics that of Christanna Loken in Terminator 3: “It was interesting to give her a role that we hadn’t seen her in before: a very cold, very strong girl, who loves to fight.”

“Make as many people laugh as possible.”

without 3 days maximumTarek Boudali imitates Tom Cruise, performing his own stunts like in this scene, where he clings to the wall of a tower. A scene from “Unknown Complexity”.

“But I knew where I was going. If you want to make an ambitious film, you’re going to have a lot of problems. It’s not like you’re going to film around a table behind closed doors.”

While her films enjoy increasing success, Vivi’s gang’s main ambition remains to make the audience laugh. “We don’t care a bit about the outcome of previous films. All we care about is making people laugh. We put pressure on ourselves to do that. I want to make as many people laugh as possible.”

“If the audience isn’t there, we won’t make a movie. You can make the best movie you want, if you don’t have an audience, your movie doesn’t exist. We realize the possibility that we can.” “We have to maintain this freshness and this little dreamy side. So we give our all to each of our films so as not to disappoint.”

Their next adventure will be their most ambitious: an adaptation Marsupellamy Created by Franquin, written and directed by Philip Lacho. Filming will take place next summer with the whole gang. As a director, Tarek Boudali already has many ideas of his own.

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