Kelly Joseph presented an award at Indies Days for her cosmetic range Kymëa

Kelly Joseph presented an award at Indies Days for her cosmetic range Kymëa

On October 12, the Indies Days competition, the business accelerator for young brands, was held in Paris, hosted by CosmetiqueMag. For her cosmetic range Kymëa, Kelly Joseph achieved a bronze medal.

Four Guyanese companies coached by Guyane Développement Innovation and Cosmetic Valley competed at Indies Days on October 12: Yanafarm, Feuille d’argent, Af’Hair curly and Kymëa. Three of them were awarded the bronze medal and the encouragement award:

Kelly Joseph is responsible for the department for health, well-being and disability in the HR department of CTG. At the same time, she is preparing to become an entrepreneur. She makes a childhood dream come true with her Kymëa beauty line: “K for Kelly, Y in reference to a godchild and mëa, at the same time, for consistency with our territory where there are many Afro and Native American names ending in mëa and because it would also mean peace in an African language.”

The Indies Days gathered in Paris the big names in the distribution of cosmetic products in France and internationally, and to whom it was necessary to pitch (present). Kelly Joseph clearly knew how to convince:

“I received the bronze award for multiple care. This gives visibility in the magazine CosmetiqueMag and in the cosmetics industry. I can subsequently be contacted by professionals who are interested in what I develop. There are 4 of us from Guyana, it is also up to us to revive businesses. I presented my “Amazonian Papaya Pearl” series. Noble papaya-based oil (the main ingredient in my line) is the first product in the range. It is a moisturizing oil for skin radiance »

“I have two passions: massage and the world of chemists. As a child I had a small laboratory at home. The wording has always interested me. In 2013 I created a small massage company and I wanted to offer my customers innovative oils. I started preparing my own oils with papaya, atoumo, everything that was local, and I wanted to expand my joy by creating a cosmetic line. This project matured over 10 years. I started in my kitchen. Thanks to or because of the covid crisis in 2019, I had time and was able to formulate my products from A to Z and implement them. This gave my selection, an oil, a moisturizer, a scrub and the perfume formulated by a perfume company. »

Kelly Joseph is not yet selling her products. There are still steps to be taken before commercialization. But her participation in the Indies Days competition opens up perspectives that she intends to seize:

“It was a great experience and with this award, whether I get called back or not, the adventure continues for me. To be recognized by professionals in the sector, among all the candidates while some left without receiving an award, even if they already have a high turnover, is a significant reward. When I pitched, I saw people’s interest in the oil and the overall project. I got feedback right away. It is really a great encouragement to me. I want to formulate series and distribute them in airports, beauty shops, pharmacies.”

Kelly Joseph compares papaya to a magical fruit:

“It is a fruit that I love and that I eat every day. This fruit is as rich on the palate as on the skin. It is full of vitamins, A, B, C, E, antioxidants, this is a perfect ally for a “beautiful skin” target..

And to remind: “Kymëa’s values ​​are learning to love yourself, giving yourself gestures of love every day. »

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