Lonely Planet: Morocco in the Top 3 best destinations to visit in 2024

Lonely Planet: Morocco in the Top 3 best destinations to visit in 2024

A lonely planetpublisher specializing in travel and tourism guides, has presented its annual list of trending destinations for the coming year. Morocco is among the best destinations to visit in 2024.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, “ Best in Travel 2024 “from A lonely planet has compiled a list of 50 global destinations that offer exceptional travel experiences for the coming year.

Morocco ranks third on the list of the best countries to visit in 2024, cementing its reputation as a top international travel destination. The kingdom, which offers an exceptional adventure for all travelers thanks to the diversity of its landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is ahead of India and Mongolia in this ranking.

We also note that the destination Morocco exceeded 11.1 million arrivals during the first nine months of this year, after 7.7 million arrivals at the end of September 2022, according to the Directorate for Studies and Financial Forecasts (DEPF) at the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Last September, the month of the Al Haouz earthquake, arrivals increased by 7% compared to the same month of the previous year, exceeding 960,000 arrivals, according to the same source.

These arrivals have increased by almost 9% compared to September 2019, the DEPF specifies. Furthermore, the number of overnight stays in classified accommodation facilities increased, in annual variation, by 53% at the end of August 2023. Compared to the end of August 2019, these overnight stays are 2.6% higher.

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