Neo4j improves cloud database performance, enabling 100x faster analysis and real-time decision making.
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Neo4j improves cloud database performance, enabling 100x faster analysis and real-time decision making.

Neo4j®, the global leader in graph databases and analytics, today announced the release of key features for its database. This optimization aims to enable cloud customers or those who choose to self-manage their data to run analytics queries up to 100x faster*, perform transactional and analytical data processing in a single database, and automatically track data changes in real time . for faster decision making.

“The integration of Neo4j’s operational and analytical capabilities into a single database has now been enhanced to include parallel execution and change data capture capabilities. This enables our customers to gain real-time insights, more cost-effective data management and a simplified architecture,” says Sudhir Hasbe, Director of Operations at Neo4j. “This is unheard of; the results drive rapid decision making, superior customer service and a significant competitive advantage in productivity and agility.”

New features include:

Analytical query performance is up to 100x faster with parallel execution, which adds simultaneous threads on multiple CPU cores to run graph analysis queries. Neo4j also uses a technique called parallelism for greater scalability, better resource utilization, and transparency.
Faster strategic decision-making is now possible with a built-in change data capture (CDC) system that automates tracking and reporting of data changes in real time. CDC is also integrated with the Neo4j connector for Kafka and Confluent, which propagates these changes for easier use across other data science platforms and applications.
Simplify knowledge graph creation with innovative integration models that predict and identify missing relationships and infer new relationships in an organization’s knowledge graph for better semantic understanding.
New pathfinding algorithms that improve the efficiency of complex workflows by identifying the best sequence and important paths between graph nodes.

“Neo4j’s change intelligence feature allows us to sync the latest changes across our customers’ multiple data sources simultaneously and helps us, when using Dropbox Dash, ensure that they can accurately search and find their content,” said Anil Masakal, Head of Engineering at Neo4j. Dropbox.

“The new features of Neo4j allow modern law enforcement agencies to respond more quickly to critical events, combat more crimes and solve them faster,” concludes Christoph Willemsen, CTO of GraphAware. “We can trigger alerts and send them to field officers when a person of interest’s phone number calls from a cell tower near a high-risk event, such as where a VIP is present, regardless of whether the camera images show a child in danger. or other events occur. »

These achievements follow a number of important milestones for Neo4j. The company recently integrated proprietary vector search into its database, providing more accurate, explainable and transparent results for LLM programs and other generative AI applications. It has already received Google Cloud’s 2023 Technology Partner of the Year award in the Data Management category and was named to CRN’s Big Data 100 in 2023. Neo4j was recognized for the first time in Gartner’s 2022 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems. For the first time, a proprietary graph provider** was included in the report.

Neo4j is now used by 75% of Fortune 100 companies. New features are available for free in the Neo4j graph database and Neo4j AuraDB, and CDC is available initially in the EAP public beta.

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