Spain: Outgoing Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez takes a big step towards his inauguration

Spain: Outgoing Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez takes a big step towards his inauguration

Spain’s Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) and the radical left movement “Sumar” have reached an agreement that represents an important step for the reappointment of outgoing Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

The two parties said in a press release that the Socialist leader, Pedro Sánchez, and the leader of Sumaro, Yolanda Díaz, the current Minister of Labor, “finalized the details of the ‘government’ pact” that stems from negotiations that began at the end of July.

At the heart of this agreement is the reduction of weekly working hours, which must be lowered from the current 40 hours to 37 and a half hours initially, without reducing wages, with the idea of ​​achieving a week of 35 hours during the legislature. This measure will affect 12 million Spanish employees in the private sector.

The two political parties also agree on an increase in public housing, an active fight against youth unemployment, a review of Spain’s climate goals or even a tax reform that would see big banks and big energy groups contribute more to the public purse.

Pedro Sanchez still has to convince Catalan separatists to vote for his inauguration, a complicated challenge and very far from being achieved, the latter demanding amnesty for those responsible for Catalonia’s failed 2017 secession bid, including Carles Puigdemont who fled to Belgium to avoid Spanish justice, while such a request is condemned by the right and far right and criticized within the socialist party itself.

In power since 2018, Pedro Sanchez has ruled in coalition with the far left since 2020. But his Socialist Party came second in the July 23 parliamentary election behind Alberto Nunez Feijoo’s Popular Party (PP).

But the latter, deprived of an absolute majority, failed to form a government coalition, paving the way for a new left-wing government. Pedro Sánchez must be reappointed by the deputies by November 27, otherwise new elections will have to be organized in mid-January.

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