The mayor hopes to “double tourist attendance” by filming the movie “Plus belle la vie”

The mayor hopes to “double tourist attendance” by filming the movie “Plus belle la vie”

Filming of the new season of Marseille, which will be broadcast on TF1 in 2024 after 18 years on France 3, began on Wednesday 25 October.

Mistral is back in service. Series teams A more beautiful life Filming for the new season of the famous series began on Wednesday, October 25, not in Marseille, but in Alloush. This arrival represents a “real relief” for the mayor of the Provencal village, Lionel de Cala. With this new decor, the city council member hopes to achieve positive economic benefits.

The council member commented: “We hope to achieve indirect benefits, hoping that the return of the series will arouse great interest so that we will have many fans and visitors who come to discover our city. Therefore, we hope to double the tourist attendance as of the summer of 2024.” Guest BFM Marseille Provence.

According to the mayor, many fans were already present on Wednesday to watch the filming of the series resume. Some did not hesitate to travel kilometers to find the Mistral region. “A family of fans came from Biarritz. They traveled specially to be able to attend this day,” he says.

“Highlight of Alloush City”

The announcement of the takeover of TF1, after 18 years of broadcasting by France 3 and its closure last year, sparked such enthusiasm that the mayor “underestimated himself.”

“This will highlight the city of Alloush and this is the desired effect,” confirms Lionel De Cala.

The mayor also hopes to have direct positive impacts, especially thanks to the agreement on the availability of municipal buildings and public property, which was signed for the production of the series in the heart of the village. This would lead to the prosperity of the local economic fabric, from restaurant owners to hotel owners, while 50% of the scenes in this new version of A more beautiful life It will be filmed in Alloush.

The first day of filming took place on Wednesday at the L’Hostellerie bar, which has been renamed after the famous Mistral bar and transformed especially for the occasion. This isn’t the only Allauch business that will see his work appear in the series: one of Santoni’s workers has been asked to keep his shop open on filming days, and a hair salon will also be part of the sets while the city hall will become a police station. .

The program is scheduled to resume at the beginning of 2024, that is, a year and a half after it stopped. It has not yet been revealed when the series will air, but the episodes will be of a similar length to the previous version.

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