Autocaz is launching its ‘Used Hand Festival’ for this end of the year

Autocaz is launching its ‘Used Hand Festival’ for this end of the year

Autocaz, the subsidiary of the Auto Hall Group, specialized in the purchase, sale, brokerage and recovery of used vehicles, has just launched its “Used-Hand Festival” before the end of the year, an event that will take place until December 31.

According to a press release, a copy of which reached us at, Autocaz takes the opportunity to present a selection of vehicles from multiple brands at competitive prices during this period, with the added bonus of tailor-made financing solutions.

Among the offers offered we find in particular the multi-brand takeover. It is precisely for the latter that Autocaz is committed to making the trade-in process as smooth and pleasant as possible, with very competitive prices on a selection of multi-brand vehicles. And that’s not all, because the 2024 sticker is offered with every purchase of a second-hand vehicle.

Regarding warranty and assistance: all Autocaz vehicles are guaranteed and benefit from 24/7 assistance. According to the operator, each vehicle has been subjected to in-depth expertise, which emphasizes the accuracy of the evaluation process. It should be noted that there are more than 500 vehicles for sale, with varied and attractive prices.

In addition to these offers, Autocaz also offers advantageous financing solutions, such as the ‘Buy Back’ product, which offers customers the opportunity to drive the vehicle of their choice every 2 to 4 years, for low contributions. and monthly payments according to their budget.

When signing the contract, the customer selects his contribution and the rental period of the vehicle. During the contract, he pays lower monthly costs than traditional financing formulas due to the previously fixed residual value. At the end of the contract, he can choose from three options: exchange his vehicle for a used one, keep his vehicle by paying the residual value, or return the vehicle.

Please note that credits are offered with 0% interest or no down payment, with the option to select fixed monthly payments and the term of the credit, with a term of up to 72 months. In addition, Rent with Purchase Option (LOA) offers customers the opportunity to rent a vehicle for a predetermined period, with the option to acquire it at the end of the contract.

Deferred payment that offers the flexibility to pay for your purchase two to three months later, with the option to choose between February 2024 or March 2024. This allows the customer to plan his budget according to his preferences and financial needs.

“At Autocaz we continually strive to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, and this event marks a special occasion to celebrate our commitment to excellence in the used vehicle sector,” said Sanaâ Zagouri, quoted in the same press release.

And the director of the Auto Hall Occasion division continued: “I would like to invite our customers to explore the Autocaz Used Festival, available until December 31, 2023 in our three megastores in Casablanca, Fez and Marrakech, as well as at the new point at purchase from Auto Hall headquarters in Casablanca. This is the perfect opportunity to find the perfect vehicle, accompanied by great offers and an unparalleled buying experience.”

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