Avoine gymnasts are preparing for the big competitions in 2024

Avoine gymnasts are preparing for the big competitions in 2024

The countdown is on before the big sporting events that await the Avoine-Beaumont gymnasts. Between the continental championships and the Olympic Games for some, the year will be busy.

So the club’s coaches, Marc and Gina Chirilcenco, decided to take five athletes from the elite group – Clara Roger, Kaylia Nemour, Carolann Héduit, Elena Colas and Perla Denechère – to Reunion Island, from January 20th to FEBRUARY 3rd. Not to relax. To work. “I wanted to start the last part of the preparation with an internship that would put the young girls in situations different from what they know.”entrusts Marc Chirilcenco.

Starting with the extreme heat, experienced on Reunion Island. “We have to be able to adapt to what will be in Paris this summerhe continues. We had a minimum of 28 degrees every day, and up to 35 degrees. »

Exercise and hiking

The gymnasts were welcomed by the USPGSA (Union sport portoise gym sport acrobatiq), a club in the port. They trained there for up to seven hours a day. “We thank the club for the welcome and for the daily organization of the sessionsemphasizes Marc Chirilcenco. Celine (a USPGSA coach) knows the high level very well and she was a point of support. »

During the internship, Tourangelles took part in autograph sessions with the youngsters at the club, and the mayor of the port came to meet them. At night they slept with host families.

If gymnastics characterized most of their stay away from Metropolis, Gina and Marc Chirilcenco also planned activities “which they are not accustomed to do”. Or rather, not the possibility of doing so in Indre-et-Loire… “We walked in the circles and volcanoes of the islandsays the coach. There were considerable variations in altitude, we climbed to 2300 m. »

Sporting excursions that fit into the large physical preparation program made in advance: hikes for seven hours with elevation gains of 900 to 1000 m. “We put them in unusual conditions to push them to their limits.”

And so this internship was an opportunity to decompress from the last two difficult years the Avoine-Beaumont club has experienced, in conflict with the French training federation. Like a new beginning, as expressed by the coach.

European and African championships

Four of the five athletes who went to Reunion will participate in the continental championships. On the one hand, Kaylia Nemour is going to Marrakech (Morocco) for the African Championship, from April 30 to May 7. On the other hand, Elena Colas, Perla Denechère and Carolann Héduit travel to Rimini (Italy) to compete in the European competition, from April 24 to May 5. With hopes of medals and titles.

“Our two juniors, Elena and Perla, have great ambitions”, exults Marc Chirilcenco. For Elena, triple French junior champion, who achieved the 18e best global performance in 2023 (seniors included), his goal is to win the EC. Perla, she “has a good chance to appear in the French junior team. She finished 4the at the last French championships and she must consolidate her place. »

Olympics in sight

For Carolann Héduit and Kaylia Nemour, the continental championships will be a first test with a view to the Olympic Games in Paris. Kaylia Nemour, associated with the Algerian federation, has already qualified for the Olympics after her second place on the uneven bars at the world championships in Antwerp last October. Gina or Marc Chirilcenco will be by his side in the French capital.

French Carolann Héduit, 20, must pass the selection to hope to participate in the Olympics for the second time (she was present in Tokyo in 2021). “She is working to get her placeassures Marc Chirilcenco. Obviously, with three years more than 2021, it will be more difficult. » But not impossible.

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