Protonitazene, a powerful drug causing concern for health authorities

Protonitazene, a powerful drug causing concern for health authorities

Protonitazene, which is primarily taken in tablet form, is often mixed with other drugs, increasing the risk of overdose. Like fentanyl, it is an opioid.

“For ordinary people, this could be fatal,” explains Amelie Bédard, CEO of the SABSA solidarity cooperative.

The drug is produced in clandestine laboratories and was only discovered during testing of counterfeit oxydokone tablets. But for now, “there are limits to the technology,” which makes identifying the drug difficult, Ms. Bédard adds.

Protonitazene is not used for medical purposes, unlike fentanyl, which may be prescribed by a doctor to relieve certain pain. Therefore, it will be imported or produced locally.

Last December, just before the holiday season, another drug, isotonitazene, caused the death of Mathis Boivin, a 15-year-old boy.

He considered taking OxyContin for $10. Regularly found in street drugs in all types of forms (tablets, powder, etc.), this drug carries a high risk of overdose.

Naloxone can be used to reverse the effects of isotonitazene, but given its effectiveness, more than one dose of the antidote may be necessary.

According to Véronique Dubé, Noovo Info.

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