Snake, an amazing new game for Switch
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Snake, an amazing new game for Switch

Have you ever played on a switch? Not a “switch” (from Nintendo), but a “switch”? We will not explain to you what type of Nintendo console to give, but will show you the project. Open source entertaining. Adam Jezek developed a little Python game to have some fun with some of the Ubiquiti switches he showed off. on.

The code actually allows you to change the colors of the RJ45 slots of certain Etherlighting compatible models. Because some switches of this brand are equipped with RGB LEDs, which are not intended to amuse gamers, but to make it easier to identify the outlets. In fact, you can light a socket a certain color to indicate the speed of the connection or simply identify the two ends of the cable. So Adam used this device to create a clone Snake, controlled by a controller (from a PC). The resolution obviously remains quite low: 48 x 4 pixels with two 48-port switches, and the budget is significantly higher than a Nintendo console: the cheapest model in the range costs around 500 euros (with 24 ports).

Feature introduced by Ubiquiti.

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