“I was too smart”, Groguhe’s excuses for his attitude and the knockout taken in 12 seconds

“I was too smart”, Groguhe’s excuses for his attitude and the knockout taken in 12 seconds

This Thursday, during the big night of PFL Paris, French Mickaël Groguhe was knocked out by his opponent Islem Masraf in 12 seconds, after a very nonchalant attitude. On social networks, the main character apologized for his behavior, which earned him a lot of criticism.

The splinter in the foot of Cédric Doumbè during the fight against Baysangur “Baki” Chamsoudinov was not the only striking image of the evening in PFL Paris this Thursday. Before this main event, the fight between Mickaël Groguhe and Islem Masraf created a lot of reactions. And with good reason, the first man entered the ring with a very relaxed air. Coming at his opponent unguarded, Groguhe immediately took a high kick and two rights that knocked him out in 12 seconds.

A very surprisingly nonchalant attitude, but still usual for Groguhe, who still took to social networks to apologize: “I will first apologize for my behavior on Thursday. I’m used to it being nonchalant, it’s true, but there I was at the extreme. I was too smart, I underestimated him and I immediately had the other side of the coin. I want to apologize to all the people who support me, who train me.”

“I Did Shit”

Obviously very frustrated at not taking Islem Masraf more seriously, Groguhe vowed to come back stronger and not make this kind of mistake again.

“Yesterday I did shit. I’m sick, frustrated, I couldn’t express myself”, assured Mickaël Groguhe. “I’m going to go right back to the drawing board, come back stronger, keep punching out, keep fighting. I’m going to change my behavior. I thank my opponent, bravo to him.”

Silent after his sure victory, Masraf still wanted to defend his opponent via his X account (formerly Twitter): “I would like to come back to the attitude of my opponent. Know that is his style of boxing and “He did it’ Not show me respect just look at his past fights. He’s always acted like that and it’s always worked except yesterday our game plan was clean.”

During an interview transcribed by MMA Propaganda, the French fighter assures that Groguhe’s nonchalant attitude was “expected”. “We saw matches, we saw that it was always the same, low hands, the calm guy who knows he hits hard,” analyzed the winner of the duel during the PFL Paris.

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