Bayer is working on a glyphosate replacement

Bayer is working on a glyphosate replacement

“We test this new substance on real plants. This is the first revolutionary innovation in this field in thirty years. Our goal is to launch this new product in 2028, so in four years,” he told the German newspaper.

Bayer is facing a number of lawsuits in the United States related to the alleged carcinogenic effects of glyphosate produced by Monsanto, an American group that bought the German company for $60 billion in 2018. At the end of January, 54,000 files still had to be processed out of a stock of 167,000 registered requests.

Bayer has recently been hit with billions of dollars in fines, while appeals are still pending.

“Limit legal risks”

Speaking to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Mr Anderson reiterated that his group wanted to speed up the settlement of disputes relating to the herbicide.

“We will enhance our defense strategy and see what we can do outside the courtrooms to mitigate legal risks,” he said.

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