Fractal increased his North and made it North XL!
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Fractal increased his North and made it North XL!

Some time ago, 15 months to be exact, fractal launched a line of North boxes. They offered the classic ATX format, wood on the front, leather on the back with a tongue for removing the top cover, mesh or glass on the side cover. It must be said that the strength of this series was its style, however it was relatively limited in interior space if by chance you needed to squeeze in a large bike. That’s why Fractal took some time and ended up testing North XL.

Fractal family North North Xl

North x2 left, North XL x2 right

The name does not deceive: before us is the North, which was treated with bovine testiruphel. In appearance it is the same, only greater height, greater depth and greater width, to the point thatE-ATX easily finds its place there. While the 2022 North measured 469mm high, 447mm deep and 215mm wide, the North XL will increase to 509 x 503 x 240mm.

Fractal North Xl Face

Obviously, this extra weight frees up interior space. The top goes from AIO 240 mm to 360 or 280 mm or the same number of multiple cutters 120/140, before 280/360 it goes up to 360/420 mm, the video card has 413 mm with installed cutters or 380 mm with AIO 360/420 mm, immediately very spacious. At the bottom, as well as at the edges, the North XL will require storage space and muscle to carry it, as it weighs 9.7kg empty with the mesh (9.5kg with glass) and much more with it installed. configuration. Those with weak backs move on.

Fractal North Xl Back

You will have to pay 189.99 euros regardless of the version (mesh/glass/black/white) to offer you a trip to the Scandinavian countries without taking your butt off the table!

But what a beautiful chassis!

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