Cristian Parejo walks out the front door to enter the Cuba Chenille.

Cristian Parejo walks out the front door to enter the Cuba Chenille.

The disciple of Tomás Cerqueira and Olivier Margie cut off his ears on Sunday in San Agustín de Guadalix for entering the famous Madrid competition. He should qualify for the second round with this victory.

The “Chenil Cup”, organized by the Madrid region, was created in the wake of Covid to provide opportunities for budding bullfighters and help local genaderia, and has gained great importance after three editions.

Its track record attests to this because the first two winners of 2021 and 2022, Fernando Adrian and Francisco de Manuel, have since joined the biggest Feria and left through Madrid’s front door. Last year, Mexico’s Isaac Fonseca was declared the winner, and Borja Jimenez’s performance led to his victory in October at Las Ventas, making him one of the most popular bullfighters of the season.

For 4y Edition, the Madrid region intensified its programming with a total of 21 bullfighters present for a total of 14 bullfights.

This Sunday in San Agustín de Gualadex (Madrid), the approved Pietro Christian Parejo enters the race in one of the seven classified bullfights, while the French representative, Thomas Joubert, will start on Saturday, March 23.

Cristian Parejo triumphed at the end of a brilliant performance by cutting off the ears of the first Toro di Montealto (“Farolero”), which was awarded the Vuelta posthumously. By securing the big gate even though his second opponent from Saltillo left him no chance, Cristian Parejo made a serious choice to be one of the nine bullfighters qualified for the three bullfights of the second stage that will be held from April 6 to May 4. The six will then advance to the semi-finals on June 15-22.

“There is a lot of ambition in the Copa Chenille”

Christian Parejo was very satisfied with his performance the day after the bullfight. It was a very special day because it was my first bullfight since being selected and my first in Spain as a bullfighter. Starting the season with a huge victory at the gates of Madrid was important and these two ears had a huge impact on the enthusiasts and in the specialized press. I have proven that I am a bullfighter capable of taking on the best bullfighters, like Montealto, but also the most complex ones, like Saltillo. This is the reward for the winter work we have done to develop bullfighting, and I approach the rest of the Copa Chenille with great ambition. The maestro concludes.

Possible qualification to the second round

In fact, after three lifts in the qualifying stage, there were only two bullfighters who had opened the big door with Rafael De Giulia the only one to have cut off one bullfighter’s ears.

The Chenille Cup could offer him great insight to start his career after being selected for Béziers in 2023 as he could compete in a total of five bullfights between the first two rounds, the semi-finals, the final and the mano a mano final. The winner will earn his place in a prestigious cartel in Madrid in October.

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