Lézat-sur-Lèze.  The two leaders leave each other back to back

Lézat-sur-Lèze. The two leaders leave each other back to back


(MT: 13-10). Referee: Mr. Aurélien Bru. Federal representative: Jean-Claude Oto.

For tournament: 1 try from Tedo Lanau (39th); 1 conversion and 2 penalties (7th, 33rd) from Lacay.

For Lézat-sur-Lèze: 1 try from Bardy (4th); 1 transformation of Boy; 2 penalties from Boy (40th) and Bardy (63rd).

TOURNAMENT SPORTS. Habatjou, Lacassagne, Laporte; Tedo Lanau, Dumestre; Zanardo, D. Lapoutge, L. Lapoutge; Serf (m), A. Lacay (o); N. Marie, S. Marie, Sabattier (cap.), Neiva; L. Lacay. Subs: Ivansich, Castet, Peyre, Gueudre, Fourcade, Manse, Naranjo.

3 yellow cards (15th, 57th, 62nd).

US LEZAT-SUR-LEZE. Perrot, Llorens, Soula; Arnaud, Abril (cap.); Darolles, Allen, Perez; Bariolet-Rouch (m), Bardy (o); Agres, F. Commenge, Bossard, Michelon; Boy. Subs: Falc, Campos, A. Rives, Bayle, J. Commenge, P. Rives, D. Rives.

2 white cards (13th; 38th); 1 yellow card (58.).

It was first place that was at stake yesterday. A tense match because the unlucky man of the day in the event of a loss could be deprived of one of the first two places by Carbonne Longages (winner of Portet 45-38), in an ambush. With this draw, Tournay and Lézat share first place with 50 points, ahead of Carbonne Longages (47). The allocation of Mozaïc points will be decisive.

For this decisive match, the supporters quickly felt that we, on one side or the other, did not want to take the risk of a possible red card. Also, we kind of played with the handbrake. From the start, via Michelon which runs along the touchline for more than 60m; it is Ariégeois who takes the lead. A real edge attempt (0-7).

But very quickly, Sabathier’s men, on the expulsion, and a foul on the opposing ground, reduced L. Lacay on penalties (3-7). We try, on both sides, to add rhythm to the meeting. Defense takes precedence over attack. After an error on the ground, the local scorer adjusts on guard (6-7, 30th). Two minutes later, on penalties, the Haut-Pyrénées cauldron is on its way and collapses in the goal; A. Lacay thus puts his team ahead (13-7). But before the break, on a collapsed maul, Boy adjusted and left Lézat in the wake (13-10).

When you return from the changing room, it’s time for a game of hide and seek with the ball. Fouls, advantages, the floor is for the guest scorer who adjusts the three points to tie (13-13).

We try on both sides, but it is still the defense that precedes the attacks. Nothing more will be scored for a division of points between the leaders leaving the suspense for the final award of the first two places

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