Tour of Normandy: a fanfare conclusion from Villers-Bocage

Tour of Normandy: a fanfare conclusion from Villers-Bocage

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Sunday 17 March, Villers-Bocage (Calvados) vibrated to the beat of one of his the biggest sporting events of the year : the start of the fourth and final stage of the Tour de Normandie for women in 2024.

A great test for 101 participantsfrom 22 layers, with 138.5 km and more than 2000 meters of positive height difference.

Women’s Tour of Normandy victory for a second

In the end it was Britain’s Josie Nelson (Team DSN-Firmenich) who won in Caen at the end of the effort, finishing 2nd in the general classification… for a just a little secondbehind Norwegian Mie Bjørndal Ottestad (UNO-X Mobility), 3rd for the day.

Mie Bjordnal Ottestad (in red and yellow) came second on the fourth and final leg.  She won the Tour of Normandy.
Mie Bjørndal Ottestad (in red and yellow) was number 3 on the fourth and last stage. She won the Tour of Normandy. ©Aline CHATEL

The Dutch Ellen Van Dijk (Lidl-Trek), leader at the start of the stage, completes the competition podium.

A fantastic cycling festival in Villers-Bocage

But before this arrival with fanfare in Caen there were people gathered in Villers-Bocage. Starting at. 10.00 stop villagelocated near the Richard-Lenoir Center, opened to the public, with many stands from the various partners of the event.

The public came in large numbers to Scenelandsbyen
The public came in large numbers to the stopping village. ©La Voix le Bocage

The start of the race was given on the spot around two hours later to great cheers.

the tower in normandy plessis-grimoult
The riders crossed part of Pré-Bocage during the stage, as here in Plessis-Grimoult. ©La Voix le Bocage

The runners performed then two loops in the city for an 8km lap before continuing the stage’s run to the south, passing specially Epinay-sur-Odon, Parfouru-sur-Odon, Aunay-sur-Odon, Roucamps, Le Plessis-Grimoult

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This joyous passage was accompanied by the usual advertising vehicles, which distributed gifts and pamphlets to the public present by the side of the road, and was watched by a motorized squad of the gendarmerie.

Among the official cyclists, Vincent Joseph who was director of technical services at Villers-Bocage
Among the official cyclists, Vincent Joseph, former director of technical services in Villers-Bocage. ©La Voix le Bocage

A modern organisation, which has happy cycling enthusiasts, many before departure, such as Jean-Jacques.

It is great to see all this atmosphere around this sporting event with a large crowd coming to meet the runners. Hats off to the organisers, hoping to see a Tour of Normandie or why not the Tour de France in Villers.

Presentation of the teams on the podium before the start
The teams presented themselves on the podium before the start, as here with the Americans from DNA Pro Cycling. ©La Voix le Bocage

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