Cancer: two days of prevention and solidarity at CHM

Cancer: two days of prevention and solidarity at CHM

For two years, the Association of Cancer Caregivers (ASCA) has been organizing prevention and solidarity events for cancer patients. As such, on Tuesday, April 2 and Wednesday, April 3, 2024 from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., ASCA representatives and mobile palliative care team members are mobilizing to raise public awareness and communicate cancer prevention messages.

Cancer: two days of prevention and solidarity at CHM
Some cosmetic products, such as deodorants, contain aluminum salts. Currently, although they are suspected of contributing to the development of cancer, they are not officially considered a risk factor.

“It’s difficult to explain to people what cancer is (…) We attract children with games as well as adults. This allows us to break taboos and help understand complex things through images and simple words,” said Anrifia Ali Hamadi, Medical and Administrative Assistant at CHM and President of ACSA of Mayotte. At this stand at the main entrance to the CM, several frames with images were placed on the table. The goal is to survey the public, asking them whether the subject of the image corresponds to the “accepted message” or “risk factor” for cancer. Our editors went public to conduct this test.

“Correct answer!” stated the ACSA President, before continuing: “Poor diet, lack of exercise, and smoking are factors that can increase the risk of developing cancer in life.” On the other hand, phones, microwave ovens and even deodorants are at this point. stage are only preconceived notions until research has formally demonstrated a cause-and-effect relationship between these items and the development of cancer.

Support for patients hospitalized at CHM and escaping to Reunion.

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In 2023, 433,136 cases of cancer were reported in France.

To raise funds for cancer patients, ASCA organized a double fundraiser. Thus, the public can donate money to the association in exchange for a surprise bag: “Surprise bags are offered at a price of 30 euros for adults and 20 euros for children. We made sure people liked them, so this gift went both ways. “But the association also encourages the public to donate non-perishable food items such as rice, pasta, cans of food, etc. These funds are aimed at improving the daily lives of patients hospitalized at CHM and patients under care in Reunion in reception structures , such as the house of the Sainte Clotilde Clinic or the Indian Ocean Parents’ House. “It is important that patients see that we are there for them, even if they have fled to Reunion Island,” said the ASCA president. In 2023, the association raised 3,000 euros.

Dual department support

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“Tumors” accounted for 19% of medical evacuations in 2020 (ARS Health Survey 2023).

For cancer treatment, although some patients may undergo chemotherapy in Mayotte, most patients are then transferred to medical facilities in Reunion. “Some patients are evacuated directly, others may undergo chemotherapy in Mayotte and then go to Reunion, the departure can be carried out very quickly,” commented the ASCA president. These medical evacuations can be so sudden that teams regularly hand out hygiene kits with toiletries to patients who may not have had time to return home or pack some of their belongings before leaving. As Dr. Ransay-Collet said last March about treating breast cancer, “ofIf we suspect a cancer, we will quickly run out of the skills needed to characterize and treat that cancer (…) we very often have to refer patients to Reunion. »

But cancer patients in Mayotte can also benefit from the support and care provided by the mobile palliative care support team (EMASP), whose strength is to go straight to the patient’s bedside at the CHM, in other institutions or directly at home. This multidisciplinary team, consisting of doctors, nurses, carers, psychologist, religious and cultural adviser, social worker, service manager, secretary and logistician, allows, among other things, to support the patient at different stages of treatment. their illness, allowing them to remain at home surrounded by their loved ones. In 2022, more than 500 patients were treated in the EMASP system.

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