Hypnotist Messmer returns in a big way to To’ata with his new show “13 Hz”

Hypnotist Messmer returns in a big way to To’ata with his new show “13 Hz”

Famed hypnotist Messmer returns to the To’ata Theater on Saturday, September 28, 2024 at 7:30 p.m. This great Quebecois artist presents his new show “13 Hz”, a unique and captivating experience where reality and illusion merge.

Mesmer, L Global Master in HypnosisHe returns to the ring with his new show “13 Hz”.

In “13 Hz,” Messmer invites you to enter a mysterious and exhilarating world where the boundaries between reality and illusion blur, and guides you into the uncharted territories of your deepest thoughts. It immerses you into the heart of the precise play of 13Hz brain waves.

Thanks to his unparalleled charismatic presence and exceptional talent, he holds the record for group hypnosis with 1,066 people hypnotized in less than 5 minutes! In total, Messmer has hypnotized more than 200,000 people in shows around the world during his career.

The magician will take the big stage of To’ata for the third time, after his successful outings, “Intemporel” on November 10, 2017 and “Hypersensoriel” on October 19, 2018. These adjustments make the text more fluid and coherent.

Practical information :
Tickets on sale at Ticketpacific.pf starting at 4500F: https://www.ticket-pacific.pf/messmer-13hz-spectacle-place-to-ata-papeete-samedi-28-sept-2024-at-7:30 pm-css5-ticketpacificpf-pg101-ri10314507.html
Book tickets online and at Carrefour Faa’a, Punaauia, Arue and Taravao stores and at Radio 1/Tiare FM in Fare Ute.

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