New version of OneUI causes problems for Galaxy
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New version of OneUI causes problems for Galaxy

If the recent OneUI update brought artificial intelligence features to older Galaxy smartphones, it also caused collateral damage to some models: the new version of the system suffers from several annoying bugs.

Now it’s official! After weeks of anticipation, Samsung has finally released One UI 6.1, a significant update designed to integrate the Galaxy S24’s AI features into the previous version of the Galaxy S23 smartphone. Starting March 28, users can take advantage of several new especially useful options based on artificial intelligence. This includes the translation of phone calls, automatic transcription, generation of texts, images, as well as controlled slow motion in videos or even a function that allows you to long press on an element displayed on the screen to launch an instant search. on Google. Unfortunately, like many updates, this update also brought a lot of more or less annoying bugs.

One UI 6.1: errors on the old Samsung Galaxy

On social media, many users complained about the bug regarding the fingerprint scanner. Some of them even noticed that the fingerprint animation that was supposed to appear when turning on the phone or double-tapping the screen has disappeared.. “There is no error, the fingerprint animation appears again as soon as I touch the screen and I have to touch it again to unlock the phone; It seems like my contact is resetting the fingerprint sensor, or the sensor is ignoring the presence of my finger.”Sorry Reddit user.

The bug is not systematic and does not affect all phones, but it still causes serious problems for users who have to unlock their phones many times throughout the day. Luckily, there’s a fallback until Samsung releases a fix: You’ll need to go to Settings > Security & Privacy > Biometrics to turn off the “Show transition effect when unlocking” option.

After the release of One UI 6.1, some Galaxy S23 were also experiencing charging issues. On the Samsung forum, several users complained that the charging speed of their phone had dropped significantly – for some, up to 40%. Here again, the error is not widespread, but can be particularly restrictive. According to our colleagues at SamMobile, who did not encounter such problems when testing the new update, this could simply be due to the state of the smartphone’s battery. Phones may charge faster depending on the condition of the battery and when they were placed on charge. Indeed, some smartphones charge quickly when the battery is low and then slow down when it approaches 100%.

Unfortunately, these bugs did not appear with the release of One UI 6.1. After this update, several phones experienced an overheating condition. In particular, this may be due to the fact that new features powered by artificial intelligence require more power from the processor. A theory that does not seem to be unanimous, as some users have noticed that their smartphone may experience this problem when it is at rest.

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