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Pierre CurziPhoto: Radio-Canada/Hamza Abualova

Posted on April 3, 2024

“I see it as a great place to have the opportunity to exchange ideas after watching the same films. I have a feeling it will be great.” Pierre Curzi is excited about his new role as president of the international competition jury of the World Cinema Festival in Sherbrooke. The actor and former politician promises that the selection of feature films will be very colorful.

What is striking about cinema that comes from elsewhere is that it reaches us, whatever its origin, culture or language. A good choice means you can identify with a film that comes from Afghanistan or Tunisia. »

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Pierre Curzi

In addition to paying tribute to this event that attracts moviegoers, Pierre Curzi talks about his past as an actor and highlights in passing the importance that Marcel Sabourin had in his life: “He is someone I loved; […]“His preoccupations with the very small, the infinite, his being in the world influenced me,” he says.

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