The exhibition pool will be closed all summer.
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The exhibition pool will be closed all summer.

Change of plan in case of renovation of the Exhibition Pool. Instead of a delayed opening in 2024 and possibly a complete closure in 2025, the City of Trois-Rivières will opt for a complete closure of the exhibition pool this summer with a view to reopening for the entire 2025 season.

In December we learned that tests had identified the source of the water leak, so the entire pool could be used as long as the crack was repaired.

Because painting and sealing work must be completed before the pool can be considered for reopening, this phase of work was planned to be completed this summer, which would have delayed the pool’s opening.

However, bids received for the first phase of work were twice the city’s estimates. Therefore, the council decided to refuse applications to repair the pool’s bottom drain, restore the surface finishes of the pool, children’s pool and water games, and repair the caulk joints. these pools.

To reduce overall closure time and keep project costs on budget, the city will soon issue bids for both phases of work to be completed simultaneously in 2024.

“We were not completely sure that the pool would only be closed for half the season in 2024. No one could guarantee this,” says Trois-Rivières mayor Jean Lamarche. We also consider possible modifications of the methods. work. Therefore, the sequence of work will change. »

Finally, in 2024, the city will perform painting, sealing, and repairs to the water return system, leading to the pool’s complete closure. The cost of the work is estimated from $1 to $1.5 million.

This will allow the facility to open in the summer of 2025 and make the pool available during the Quebec Games.

Another complete infrastructure shutdown is planned for 2026 to allow for replacement of chlorination and filtration equipment. This work is estimated at 7-8 million dollars.

Please note that the completion of this work will also preserve the historical character of the premises and the entire pool area.

Other pools may open as compensation.

Work on the swimming pool The exhibition will coincide with work planned for the swimming pool and bathing pavilion on the island of Saint-Quentin.

To allow as many people as possible to cool off at the municipal water facilities, despite these projects, city officials are considering opening an additional pool in Anjou Park for the summer, as well as a children’s pool in Jean-Beliveau Park. 2024.

Since 2016, an average of 18,500 people have passed through the pool’s turnstiles each summer to cool off.

Remember that the pool obsolescence index is 92%.

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