the first beta is here, all the new features are here
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the first beta is here, all the new features are here

The first beta version of iOS 17.5 is here. It’s a fairly minor update to the iPhone, but it sets the stage for iOS 18 to arrive in a few months while trying to comply with new European legislation.

iOS 17.5 // Source: Apple

Next June, during WWDC 2024, we should discover iOS 18, an update that promises to be historic for the iPhone, which will be released at the same time as the iPhone 16. Meanwhile, this is the beta version 1 d of iOS 17.5, which appeared along with some new features. It is available to users registered as developers with Apple. The public beta version is expected as early as next week, and the final version will not appear until May. This should be the last iOS update before the iOS 18 reveal.

What the European Union is changing in iOS 17.5

Since early March, iOS has been required to comply with certain rules following the entry into force of the Digital Markets Act, new European legislation aimed at regulating digital markets. DMA changes a few things at Apple, mostly on the iPhone level. It was with iOS 17.5 that it became possible to install applications without going to the application store installed on the iPhone: this can be done from a simple website.

Source: Chloe Pertuis – Frandroid

However, not everything is rosy for developers: if they bypass the App Store, they will have to pay a fee of 50 eurocents for the first annual installation, for applications installed more than a million times a year. Apple also has the ability to control which apps can be installed. The idea is to still have security solutions in place to prevent iPhone owners from being hacked. As of now, no developer has uploaded the app through their website as advertised. 9to5Mac.

Something new to support” Android airtag »

it’s the same 9to5Mac which seems to have found the code in iOS 17.5 Beta 1. According to English-language media, a new system for detecting trackers and accessories such as AirTags from other brands will soon appear. We know that Apple and Google are collaborating on a technical specification compatible with iOS and Android that can detect whether you’re being followed by a tractor, regardless of its make. At the moment, the system is behind schedule, and Apple is to blame for this: the company appears to still be making progress on this issue.

Eufy wants to compete with AirTags by releasing its own solution, compatible with iOS and Android // Source: Eufy via Android Police

On iPhone, the Find My app should be able to identify tracking devices even if they are not certified by Apple or are not part of the Find My network. The smartphone will help users detect and disable it. It should be written: ” This product is not certified by the Apple Find My network. You can disable this object and prevent it from transmitting its location to its owner. To do this, follow the instructions provided on the website of the manufacturer of this product. “.

Other minor changes coming to iPhone with iOS 17.5.

There are still some small changes, but they are there. For example, the icon ” Purpose of reading “Apple Books has been redesigned. Also the icon ” Accessing passwords for web browsers “on the menu” Privacy and Security » settings have been changed.

New Apple Podcasts Widget // Source: 9to5Mac

Finally, the Apple Podcasts widget offers a new dynamic color that changes depending on the design of the podcast you’re listening to.

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