End of Ryanair flights to Bordeaux: unions denounce “dramatic personal consequences”

End of Ryanair flights to Bordeaux: unions denounce “dramatic personal consequences”

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Ryanair has announced the closure of its air base at Bordeaux Mérignac Airport from November 2024. The reason: “a failure of commercial negotiations about the expansion of Ryanair’s low-cost services.

Moving its base “to cheaper airports elsewhere in Europe” implies the loss of 90 jobs pilots, cabin crew and engineers – who would, however, be offered “similar positions at other attractive bases across Europe”.

Enough to prompt the National Union of Commercial Aircrew Personnel (SNPNC-FO) to respond, denouncing the low-cost airline’s practices.

“Amazing financial assistance”

The union, which represents flight attendants in France, explains that Ryanair has so far benefited from “huge financial support” to establish itself in Gironde. But “after five years of operation, the airport management was called to order by the Court of Auditors,” the union said.

This would have prompted management to charge costs ‘in line with market prices’ at the low-cost airline, which “Decided to pack right away”.

The company confirmed in a press release that due to “increasing costs” it has “no other financial alternative than closure.” [sa] Bordeaux base”.

Disastrous consequences for employees

The situation is worrying the union, which is calling for the creation of one a job savings plan for Bordeaux employees.

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Even today, Ryanair treats its employees like sandbags. She prepares to move them to other European bases, without worrying for a moment about the dramatic personal consequences this will entail.

National Union of Cabin Crew

The company’s departure also entails the elimination of 39 Ryanair routes, and the loss of a total of 20 destinations (not served by other airlines).

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