Comedian Guillaume Meurice has been fired by Radio France “for serious misconduct”.

Comedian Guillaume Meurice has been fired by Radio France “for serious misconduct”.

French comedian Guillaume Meurice has been fired “Due to gross misconduct” He made this statement on Tuesday, June 11, to Agence France-Presse, after repeating his controversial statements regarding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Reported by public radio via mail b “Early termination of [son] Contract for gross misconduct »He explained.

Guillaume Morris was suspended on May 2, five days after repeating his comments about Benjamin Netanyahu. “Sort of a Nazi, but without the foreskin.”held on October 29, 2023. He announced in his article dated April 28: “If you say, ‘Netanyahu, he’s kind of a Nazi, but without a foreskin,’ that’s fine,” the prosecutor said this week. Come on, make mugs and t-shirts, it’s my first joke allowed by French law. »

A few days earlier, on April 18, the Nanterre Public Prosecutor’s Office announced the rejection of the complaint filed on November 6, 2023 by the European Jewish Organization targeting the comedian on charges of “incitement to violence and anti-Semitic hatred” and “public insults.” . Of an anti-Semitic nature.” “The two crimes complained of do not appear to be specific.”, The prosecutor said.

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“Stubbornness” and “repeated betrayal”

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The head of Radio France, Sybille Ville, justified the comedian’s dismissal on Tuesday by saying: “His stubbornness and… (…) And his repeated betrayal »in a letter to the employees of the general group. “Neither freedom of expression nor humor were ever threatened on Radio France.”She confirmed, accusing him of doing so “It ignited controversy for months.”. By repeating his statements, Guillaume Maurice “Ignore the warning he received, the warning from Arcom.” (Audio-visual organizer) and “He left us no other choice.”wrote MI Hijab in this message consulted the world.

Guillaume Maurice gave an interview ahead of the possible dismissal on May 16 with human resources at Radio France, and then appeared before the disciplinary committee on May 30, before the decision was announced on Tuesday.

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Guillaume Maurice’s suspension sparked a strike by France Inter on May 12. At the end of May, Radio France’s unions and France Inter’s editorial team asked its management to surrender “On the dismissal decision” Of the comedian, thinking this ‘It would create a dangerous precedent’ to ” freedom of expression “.

The SUD union, to which Guillaume Maurice belongs, saw in this dismissal A “A grave error in the divination veil.”This is before the legislative elections expected on June 30 and July 7, in which the National Rally Party presents itself in a position of strength. “While the extreme right is at the gates of power, (…) Your decision greatly weakens our entire company.”SUD wrote in a press release.

Following the dismissal of Guillaume Meurice, two more comedians from Grand Dimanche Soir, Aymeric Lompret and Gidré, announced that they were leaving the show as a sign of support for their colleague. “More Guillaume = more Aymeric”Aymeric Lambret wrote on X.

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