PICTURES.  Football transfer window: already 5 recruits for Vire in National 3

PICTURES. Football transfer window: already 5 recruits for Vire in National 3

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It is a start of the transfer window very hot on the side firedin Calvados.

AF Virois just signed 5 players in just a few days. The new coaching duo, consisting of brothers Tony and Robin Théault, strengthen their group which returns to National 3 next season.

A wind of youth

The 5 new players are:

  • Valentine Aumond. A young 24-year-old attacking midfielder, he comes from FC Flers. He scored 9 goals in National 3 this season.
  • Oscar Verneau. Right side, 22 years old, from Vendée les Herbiers Football.
  • Enzo Kowalczyk. A young 21-year-old midfielder, he joined Vire from ASVH – Villers Houlgate Normandie Côte Fleurie, where he scored 5 goals in the National 3 during the 2023-2024 financial year.
  • Benjamin Beaufils. The 20-year-old left-back comes from Caen Avant-Garde.
  • Matthias Mathevet. After a season under the orders of Tony Théault at La Maladrerie, the young 20-year-old midfielder joins the Viroise adventure.
Enzo Kowalcyk ©AFV
Matthias Mathevet ©AFV
Oscar Verneau. ©AFV
Benjamin Beaufils. ©AFV
Valentine Aumond.
Valentine Aumond. ©AFV

Several departures registered

These recruit will have the strong task replace several departing players. Some have already announced that they are leaving AFV.

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Pierre Bourdin signed to Avranches (N2). Just like Anas Lambrabette, 26-year-old right midfielder, who has scored five goals this season, is leaving Vire. Ten years later, the French-Moroccan returns to Avranches, where he played in the U17s.

The attacker Arthur Dallois also confirmed his departure from the club. A major player in the rise to Nationale 3 in 2019, then to National 2 with the title of best player and best striker for the 2022-2023 season, “he will have marked his time with the club. With 100 goals scored during his 3 stints, during of 5 seasons under the Virois jersey, the club appreciates.

Came to AFV a year ago, Killian Corentin remains in National 2. Eager to continue at this level, he heads to Beauvais for the next season.

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