Free operation for minors returning to the cinema of Mions

Free operation for minors returning to the cinema of Mions

The city of Munich wants to promote access to culture for all, by making its cinemas free for minors living in the city for the third year.

Freedom to relaunch the attraction of the big screen. In Mions on the Rhône, the municipality is back on track this summer by leaving cinema admission free for minors.

The result on the wallet is not small for Karen and her two children, as only the mother pays for her place. “It is very good and allows the children to enjoy the cinema during the school holidays,” she says with delight.

“I have three young children, so I think the price is about 7.90 euros in Pathé, which is about 25 euros there, which is zero,” agrees Muhannad, ready to take his seat with her young children.

“Providing access to culture for all”

With this system, the Mions cinema is full, with the majority of children coming to watch films like Vice-Versa 2. Even the popularity of the free initiative has left some frustrated: “It’s full, I don’t have any more space,” Christelle Saunier, the cinema’s manager, tells a mother who came at the last minute with her child.

“We had to turn away about sixty people for this morning’s session,” explains Christelle Sonnier.

To try to catch up, Mions Cinema is having to add screenings. The next Vice Versa 2 broadcast will be on Thursday, July 11 at 10 a.m.

Cinema Mions is available free of charge during the summer holidays for the third time, after the municipality initiative was launched in 2022 for those under 18.

“We want to attract more people to our infrastructure, whether it is the media library or the cinema. We must allow everyone to access culture,” says Mickaël Pacaud, mayor of the city of Mions.

Many screenings are still available until July 23, with films like The Count of Monte Cristo or The Hennedricks Family being shown.

Alexis Lalemant journalist

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