Marcassin Waltz at the Lucet Langenier Theatre

Marcassin Waltz at the Lucet Langenier Theatre

Comedy and magic show

  • Posted on 11 July 2024 at 02:57

On Friday, July 12, 2024, enjoy a mix of humor and magic at the Lucet Langenier Theater in Saint-Pierre with the performance of La Valse du Marcassin. Created by Les Âmes Nocturnes, the winds of madness will sweep through the theater, with the free and unrestrained inventions of three clown actors, “for whom disorder is a natural order, a delirium and a reason for being in the world”. Lucet Langenier Theater (Photo: Saint-Pierre)

Designed, directed and performed by Cécile Rosat and Julien and Desiree Lubecq, this show takes us into an absurd world where humor and hope intertwine.

The same crazy and lovable clowns, who wander joyfully and madly in their craziest dreams, meet again for the third time after 2008 and create the duo Les Âmes Nocturnes, and continue in 2016 with Au Bonheur des Vivants.

The Nocturnes Company:

“Three well-meaning souls prancing along the thread of life, joyfully observing that despite everything, the craziest of invisible things, dreams, can materialize at any moment, if we believe in them… like a wild boar dancing happily on an empty street early in the morning.

In this show woven with magic, absurd humor and delightful visual discoveries, the troupe takes us to revisit our upside-down and most disturbing daily lives, to discover, through the filter of humor and imagination, that hope and beauty exist in the world. The eye of the beholder…

– Practical information –

Price: between 10 and 16 euros

Schedule: Starts at 8pm, 1hr 20min

From the age of 8

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