The arrival of the Americans from the Blue Lagoon, one of the highlights of the summer in Fiji.

The arrival of the Americans from the Blue Lagoon, one of the highlights of the summer in Fiji.

Once again, young musicians from Blue Lake enchanted the town of Vigia with their talent and energy, and were warmly welcomed by families. A look back at a vibrant week celebrating 20 years of friendship and shared music.

A little tour and then they leave… The young musicians from Blue Lake have already left for other European horizons, but their visit to Figeac will remain, like every year, in the memory of those who not only listened to them, but also welcomed them. In fact, their stay with host families upon their arrival in the city, forms true bonds of friendship that have been forged over the years.

“It has been going on for 20 years,” explains Jacques Rigaud of the Lions Club, one of the people responsible for bringing Blue Lake to Figeac. “Our approach has several objectives: to maintain very strong links with our American friends, to promote music and to participate in the international influence of our city and its region. But let’s not forget to also allow young Fijian musicians to leave for three weeks to improve their communication skills with young Americans.”

One of the best parties in 20 years

All spectators will remember the wonderful evening of Saturday, July 6, with the opening act, Harmonie de Figeac under the direction of Samuel Collart, performing some American songs by Tom Jones and Tina Turner, followed by a medley of Aretha Franklin and ABBA (Sweden), before giving way to the Blue Lake Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Peggy Babcock, for what will remain, according to Jacques Rigaud, one of the most beautiful concerts given in the past 20 years. From Rimsky-Korsakov to Gershwin or from Glenn Miller to Yukiko Nishimura, the artists have sometimes touched the blue note.

“The planets must have aligned this year, because apart from the fantastic performances of young musicians from across the Atlantic, everything was top notch, whether it was the talent for harmonies or even the artistry that set the mood,” he continues. As for the host families, they are all set to start all over again in 2025. In short, these are very good times to put on our souvenir shelves, with talented young musicians who have brightened up our daily lives. I can’t wait for next year.”

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