WhatsApp has a new feature to combat spam and fraud in groups
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WhatsApp has a new feature to combat spam and fraud in groups

To help you spot potentially dangerous group chats and leave them, WhatsApp has a “pop-up card” that contains important information about the creator. An effective way to combat spam!

WhatsApp continues to roll out new security features to maintain the trust of its users. The fully encrypted instant messaging service already offers a variety of options to ensure the privacy of communications, such as ephemeral messages, the ability to block screenshots for certain messages, sending ephemeral voice messages, a chat lock mode that lets you hide certain conversations and block access to them, a hidden online presence, and a mute feature to automatically filter out unknown numbers. This time, Meta is fighting spam by adding a new feature called Context Card, which allows users to more easily identify strangers who add them to group conversations. It is currently rolling out and should be available to everyone in the coming days.

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Context Map: Group Information for Fraud Detection

WhatsApp allows you to send invitations to unknown people by phone number. Sometimes it’s just friends of friends throwing a surprise birthday party or fundraiser. But many scammers use this operation to distribute spam messages and invite users to unwanted groups, which turn out to be real breeding grounds for fraud (phishing, sexual offers, cryptocurrency tips, etc.). In addition, to quickly recognize this type of fraud, WhatsApp is developing a “context map”.

This tool makes it easier for users to identify strangers who add them to group conversations. IT HAS Every time they receive an invitation, they automatically receive a card containing the following information: the name of the group creator, the date it was created, its description, and the user who added them – if they are in their contacts. So many warning signs that will help you spot a scam easily.

At the same time, WhatsApp also has a button to easily leave a group and another to redirect the user to the app’s security tools. These new features are currently being rolled out and will be available to all users in the coming weeks. Note that it is already possible to mute a WhatsApp group so that it no longer receives notifications, as well as leave it discreetly.

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